Adrian trains sports performers to access their ideal brain waves pattern for increased CONCENTRATION and to enter the ZONE/FLOW state.

The athlete can see their brain waves on screen and learn to control them whilst wearing a portable EEG device. This allows the athlete to recreate the same brain wave pattern while performing their sport, leading to PEAK PERFORMANCE.

Initially the player is shown how to access the different brain waves required for CONCENTRATION and the ZONE States.
Then the player learns to control their brain waves through Visual and Audio feedback.


With VISUAL FEEDBACK the player learns to access their appropriate brain waves through controlling an animated flying object on the screen.

With AUDIO FEEDBACK, the player hears positive feedback when they access their appropriate brain waves, if they deviate away from their ideal brain waves, the feedback changes.

Brain Wave Pattern - Zone State

Brain Wave Pattern showing a sports performer in the

Brain Wave Pattern - Focused

Brain Wave Pattern showing a sports performer FOCUSED.


This is a wireless portable system, which allows the athlete to play their sport and train their brain at the same time.